Chairman Senate Aims to Strengthen Economic Ties and Pakistan-Oman Relations


Chairman Senate Hopes to Enhance Economic Ties and Enhance Pakistan-Oman Relations

On Thursday, Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani talked about the importance of enhancing the Pakistan-Oman relations in economic cooperation, while also benefiting from the friendship of the two countries.

Sanjrani mentioned that a ferry service between Gwadar and Muscat would be useful in exploiting dividends of the economic activity, while also getting the momentum in the port city of Gwadar in wake of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

He discussed these ideas with the Sheikh Mohammed Omer Ahmed Al Marhoon, the Ambassador of Oman, who called him at the Parliament House.

He added that while enhancing the volume of trade between Gwadar and Muscat, the ferry service can also facilitate tourists who are visiting different countries surrounding the region.

He also added that Pakistan was a tunnel for the Oman to go to the Central Asian States and the Oman might enable Pakistan’s trade with European Union countries.

He mentioned that Pakistan and Oman already share a good sense of Parliamentary linkages, and the two countries should benefit by supporting each other in educational, economic, and social sectors.

He also hoped that a high level parliamentary delegation of Oman would participate in Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) meeting which is scheduled to be held in Gwadar during the last week of October.


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