USD to PKR: Dollar rate in Pakistan reaches at Rs 149 in interbank market


USD to PKR or Dollar rate in Pakistan is still increasing as it hit a new high on Friday (today).

Dollar rate in Pakistan or USD to PKR is now reached at Rs 149 in the interbank market today. The Pakistani Rupee gained by Rs 2.48 in the interbank market before hitting a new high. Currently, it is being bought for Rs 147 in the interbank market. According to financial analysts, the Dollar rate in Pakistan will further increase by 15% to 20% till December 2019.

Yesterday, Dollar rate in Pakistan recorded Rs 148.5 in the interbank market. On Wednesday, USD to PKR rate for the first time reached at Rs 146.25 in the open market. The raise of Rs 2.25 was observed as agreement is finalized regarding the $6 billion IMF loan to Pakistan. After that, PM Imran Khan ordered concerned authorities to take action against foreign exchange companies selling the dollar at above Rs 144.


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