What drives a growing customer base to shop on Daraz?


The ecommerce industry of Pakistan has grown rapidly over the last few years and greatly moulded the retail landscape of the country, significantly impacting the way people shop. According to a consumer study recently conducted by global measurement company, Nielsen, more than 85% of Pakistan’s online shoppers have shopped on Daraz, the country’s leading online marketplace.

There are a number of factors that attract millions of customers to Daraz platform every month:

1. Assortment

As a lifestyle destination, Daraz has focused significantly on scaling its product assortment to ensure that customers have access to everything they need. At the close of the year, the platform’s catalogue came to boast 10 million products spread across more than 100 categories including fashion, electronics and groceries. The variety of products available on Daraz allows customers to browse through the catalogue and compare prices to find the products that best suit their preferences.

2. Personalisation

By harnessing its access to the latest technology, Daraz has been able to offer customers a personalised experience. Through artificial intelligence, the platform is able to identify the preferences of each customer and suggest categories and products they may be interested in. The personalisation feature makes it easier for users to navigate Daraz’ assortment to find exactly what they are looking for.

3. Shoppertainment

According to the findings, 94% of those who shop on Daraz have used the Daraz app. Furthermore, 34% of those who use the app find it to be fun to use. The platform has focused significantly on curating an engaging and entertaining experience for customers through features such as Shake Shake and in-app gamification. In 2020, the platform will continue to focus on offering a greater degree of entertainment to customers.

Daraz’ priorities for the new year include enhancing customer experience and scaling its logistics infrastructure. The platform is confident that by doing so it will be able to reach a much larger user base and expand its footprint in the country.


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