Winners of Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw # 78, 15 April 2019 Announced


The balloting of Rs 750 prize bond draw # 78 held on 15 April 2019 in Lahore.

Rs 750 prize bond draw # 78 held in Lahore on 15 April 2019. No. of prizes are 1, 3, and 1696 for first, second, and third prize respectively for Rs 15000 Prize Bond draw.

The first prize, second prize, and third prize have a worth of Rs. 1,500,000, 500,000, and 9,300 respectively.

First Prize Winner

The winner of first prize worth Rs 1,500,000 is 682299.

Second Prize Winners

Three winners of second prize worth 500,000 are 663603, 983623, and 003875.

Third Prize Winners

There are also 1696 winners for the third prize worth Rs. 9,300.

We will also further update you about the draw results.

Prize Bonds are widely acknowledged as a safe and secure investment. Salaried Individuals and small investors can easily invest in these prize bonds and try their fortune without the risk of loss of their hard earned money.

Rs 750 prize bond is the good prize bond for investment. The bond is ideal for people with low income. It not just a safe investment but, also provides them opportunity to win prizes through the lucky draw.

Rs 750 prize bond draw held after every three months which means that you can try your fortune four times in a year.


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