Board and University Delay Exams as Karachi Reaches 44 Celsius


KARACHI: Intermediate Board and Karachi University has delayed their scheduled exams to 24th May after city reached a high temperature of 44 Celsius today.

Said to be the hottest day of this year in Karachi, the city faced 44 Celsius today (Monday). As the city went through the hottest day of the year, educational institutes have delayed their exams.

The Intermediate Board and Karachi University have delayed exams to the 24th of May. The Met department had predicted extremely hot weather from 20th to 23rd of May.

Due to hot weather seminaries have also announced 3 days off for their students as well. The temperature is to stay above 40 Celsius for the next few days. The Met department has issued advisory to city authorities to take measures against the  heatwave.

However; despite the advisory not many heatwave relief camps have been sighted in the city. People are being asked to take preventive measures from heatstroke. They are being told to stay indoors during the day and if they absolutely need to go out, carry wet towel to put on your head and neck. People are also being told to avoid direct sun on the heads


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