Cheating Instances Found in Intermediate Exam Centers in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: The first day of intermediate exam conducted by Hyderabad Education Board of first year and intermediate has just passed and news of cheating inside the exam centers is already on media. Inside the Qasimabad College, a student made a video of other students cheating on his phone. The principal of the college ordered a lock down of the educational institute to prevent leaking of this news.

The education board in the Hyderabad and nearby districts had made plans to prevent cheating during intermediate exam. But it seems it was not enough as news of cheating has surfaced around the city and media.

The board claims that instances of cheating in the region were less to nothing. The chairman education board Professor Muhammad Memon and others have visited exam centers to check the measures taken against cheating. He has even instructed invigilators to kick out any students from the school who are found cheating and that there will be strict action taken against them.

But even after claims of preparations and claims made by the education board, many students could not even receive supplementary copies to finish their exams. Some supplementary copies did not have the board logo making it invalid for use in exams.


  1. Hyderabad is always on the top in news regarding the cheating in Exams every year, I think there is no any solution except to make A, B & C Exam papers for the students to distribute it according to the seat no. May it helps to get control the cheating instances.


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