Cheating Could Not be Prevented In Hyderabad Inter Exams

HYDERABAD: The Intermediate Board’s cheating prevention measures for inter exams in Hyderabad insufficient.

The Education Board could not prevent students from cheating in Hyderabad. Students were using mobile phones and solved papers to give answers for the inter exam.

Claims of strict measures taken against cheating in Hyderabad by the Educational board seemed false. Students used phones to leak papers and get answers while solved papers were being provided to students from outside sources.

Educational board had said that their central monitoring cells are going to keep exam centers under surveillance using video conference. They also claimed phone-jammers have been installed at highly sensitive exam centers, however; this seemed to be insufficient as students still brought phones to exam centers for cheating purposes.

Balach Rasool
Balach Rasool
Mir Balach is a content writer having expertise in news article publication and strong educational background in Literature.


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