CJP Saqib Nisar Suspended Vice Chancellor Dr. Uzma Qureshi


Lahore: The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar, suspended Dr. Uzma Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of Lahore College For Woman University (LCWU). The court requested the Punjab government to frame another request board to investigate the affirmations against Dr. Uzma Qureshi’s qualification inside three days. The court likewise requested for the arrangement of acting vice chancellor from three university senior professors.

Some staff individuals from the college additionally showed up before the bench and grumbled about Dr. Uzma Qureshi. However, she presented that she had done everything with all uprightness. She additionally presented that endeavors were being made to defame her.

Afterward, Provincial Minister for Higher Education Department Ali Raza Gillani likewise showed up before the bench, on being summoned and presented that he was not serving during the appointment of Dr. Uzma.

He likewise guaranteed the court that its all orders would be consented to, in the wake of looking for directions from the central clergyman.

Chief Justice offered an option to Dr. Uzma Qureshi to resign from her post and ordered that new chancellor should be appointed after the due process. The search committee assigned to choose the Punjab University vice-chancellor should be given this assignment also, he added.

However, Supreme Court suspended Dr. Uzma Qureshi after her refusal to resign. The bench also ordered the government to form an inquiry committee to analyze all allegations. The court directed the Secretary Higher Education Department for the appointment of new vice chancellor within 6 weeks.

However, people are supporting Dr. Uzma Qureshi on the internet. The #RestoreDrUzmaQureshi trend is going viral on the social media.


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