Developers Day Will Be the Biggest IT Event And Job Fair in Pakistan


Karachi: Developers Day will be held in FAST NUCES Karachi on Thursday, 19 April 2018. The event will be organized by FAST NUCES Association for Computing Machinery.

Developers Day participants will be from different colleges and universities of Pakistan. However, the majority of participants will be from DHA Suffa University and Bahria University.

The event will provide great learning opportunities to students as different IT industry experts will also take part in the event.

A job fair will be also organized that will provide internships and job opportunities to the deserving candidates.

Developers Day also contains some great competitions among students. They get a chance to showcase their Final Year Projects (FYP) to the industry professionals and experts. Some other competitions are given below:

Speed Programming

Participants will give quick programming and coding tasks. The team which will show its competency will be the winner of the competition.

UI Design Competition

Students will showcase their designing skills and imagination in the competition.

Web Development Competition

Students will highlight their developed websites on different platforms or languages.

Database Design Competition

Participants will get real-time situations that require them to develop the relevant database.

Mobile App Development Competition

Students will compete in the area of mobile app development.


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