Exam Activities to be Boycotted for First Time in Karachi University


KARACHI: The Teachers Association of Karachi University has announced boycott of examinations for the first time. The announcement came at the sixth day of protest and the officers and staff members of KU have agreed to it.

The protest of the Teachers Association against the Karachi University administration goes into its sixth day today on Monday. The association with the support of the staff and officers of the university have announced boycott of exams.

The officers and staff of KU has shown support to the demands of the teachers association. They have also been actively part of the protests staged outside the vice chancellor office. Under the leadership of Dr. SM Taha, a committee has also been formed consisting of teachers, officers and workers of Karachi University.

The committee has decided to commit to making decisions jointly. This was due to the fact that a teacher from the teacher association who also holds a profitable position in the administration was trying to end the protests. However; a joint action committee had failed his attempts to end demonstrations against administration.

The case of mysteriously missing people and confinement of students and teachers will be brought up at the meeting of the committee. The committee will demand Supreme Court to form a judicial investigation team into the matter.

Assistant Professor, Usama Shafique, has said that this is an attempt to take away freedom of the students and teachers. He also said that this raises a question on the performance of security agencies of the country. Mass Communication Department’s Usama Shafique said they want Supreme Court to bring out the facts regarding this.


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