Exam Paper Leaked on Third Day of Inter Exam As Well


KARACHI: Today marks the third day of Inter exam in Karachi, but exam paper’s leak could not be prevented. The exam paper of the third day’s inter exam also leaked out on Whatsapp messenger.

The Higher Education Board of Karachi could not prevent the leak of the exam paper on the third inter exam. Not only the paper was leaked but cheating could not be prevented in the exam centers either.

Due to media ban on the coverage of inter exams, there has been no student caught even though they are cheating. Use of mobile phone was even though prohibited, students brought phones and use them for cheating purposes. And no team from the board has visited any exam center to take any prevention measures.

There are even instances of other people giving exams in place of registered students. The Governor Sindh has expressed grief over the situation of the examinations.


  1. I remembered the time when I appeared in intermediate, if any uncertainty regarding the paper leaked the board always replace the paper on urgent basis, on that time the board had an option to conduct A, B & C paper but I dont know why the cases of paper leaked happened in this year.


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