HEC directs changes in rules for degree attestation


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has changed the policy of verification, as a candidate of attestation will never again be required to submit data on previous or qualifications.

In a notification issued by the HEC, now the degree will render attested solely on its credits.

The notification reads “It is notified that the Competent Authority has decided that every degree will be attested solely on its merits i.e. whether it has been issued by a recognized institution and whether the institution has the legal authority to issue such degree. Applicants for attestation will no longer be required to submit information about previous or subsequent academic qualification.

All degrees from HEC recognized institutions, in subjects, they’re authorized to offer a degree in from campuses/colleges authorized to offer the relevant programs can be verified/attested/equated,” it further added.

However, degrees from unrecognized institutions or from unrecognized and unauthorized campuses or colleges and/or in unauthorized subjects will not be verified/attested/equated.

Furthermore, all other codal formalities are to be adhered to as per prevailing SoPs for processing cases of attestation or equivalence. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.


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