Karachi Intermediate Board has Announced Dates of Postponed Exams


KARACHI: Karachi Intermediate Board has announced the dates of exams that were postponed due to the heatwave.

The heatwave of last week had made things worst for the whole populace of Karachi. Things were made even worst students who were under the stress of exams already. However; the Karachi Intermediate Board had announced postponement of exams to give students a sigh of relief.

The new dates of exams has been released in a notice. The notice read that owing to the heatwave exams of 21st, 22nd, 23rd May have been postponed.

The exam that was to be held on 21-05-18 was postponed to  09-06-18. Exam that was going to be held on 22-05-18 will now be held on 11-06-18. While the exam held on 23-05-18 will now be held on 13-06-18

Also in the notice, the exam that was to be held on 6th June 2018 was moved to 8th of June. This was due to the exam coinciding with ‘Youm-e-Ali’ that is observed on 21st of Ramadan.


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