Private Schools Suspend 12,000 Students in Lahore After Parents Refuse to Pay Exorbitant Fees


LAHORE: Over 12,000 students were suspended from Private Schools on the issue of non-payment of dues.

The parents of the students said that the private schools had increased fees more than the legal amount permissible. They said that the schools are only allowed to increase 7 to 8 percent fees, however; the schools had increased the amount of their choosing. When the parents demanded the school to change the fees permissible to the law, the schools suspended their children.

The parents complained that they cannot pay the exorbitant amount of fees being charged by schools. Parents have taken the matter to court against the unjust increase in fees.

They said that giving their children proper education has become a burden. They added that the private schools were not following the orders.

Not only that, but private schools are also charging fees of summer vacations during month of June and July.

After the complains of their parents, Education ministry issues notices to the parents and schools over the matter, but to no avail. The schools keep on taking fees of summer vacations from children’s parents.


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