Pakistani student receives outstanding contribution award at LSE


Pakistani student at LSE has won prestigious outstanding contribution award for his services and achievement at the London School of Economics.

Omer Azhar Bhatti was given the award by the LSE Student Union at the annual students’ award event. The awards were given to a total of nine students.

Notably, Omer became the first Pakistani to win the award which was handed out for his co-curricular achievements and services. He served across multiple societies as president of the LSE Pakistan Development Society, secretary of LSE South Asia Society and secretary of Debates Society.

The ‘Future of Pakistan Conference’ that featured discussions on civil-military relations, economy and development was also awarded the best student-led conference-of-the-year award, amongst multiple high-level conferences at LSE for the year 2017-2018.

Omar while talking to media person said: “I successfully co-founded and organized the first-ever, student-led and Pakistan-focused conference in Europe ‘Future of Pakistan Conference’ that developed an interface to bring top Pakistani politicians, journalists and intellectuals on the same platform in a bid to provide solutions to Pakistan’s problems.”

Omer was amongst the main organizers of ‘Can intelligence services do good?’ event at the LSE, where the former spy chiefs of the two countries discussed Pak-India relations, and the event made headlines in both India and Pakistan.

“That event was a highlight in India-Pakistan intelligence agency relationship and was also mentioned in the book co-authored by AS Dulat and General (retd) Asad Durrani. I played a key role in setting the agenda for the novel South Asia Development Conference and had earlier on won a few accolades whilst representing LSE Debate Society,” Omer further elaborated on his achievements.


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