Pakistani students in China stand at 3rd position among foreign students


According to China’s Ministry of Education, Pakistani students in China ranked third among the international students.

Pakistani students in China are at the third position among foreign students in China. Currently, there are 28,023 students studying in China, as revealed by country’s Ministry of Education.

On the other side, South Korea ranks first with 50,600 students, followed by Thailand with 28,608 students, India with 23,198 students, and the United States with 20,996 students. However, over 492,000 foreign students from several countries and regions studied in China.

According to the latest data, China has become the top education destination for Pakistani students as most of them enrolled in Chinese universities, around 7,034 are studying on scholarships. However, Pakistani students in China are mainly increased due to different preferential policies offered by the Chinese government after the launch of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Pakistani students are studying Chinese language, engineering, medical, computer science and various other fields. 6,156 Pakistani students are pursuing PhD degrees, 3,600 are pursuing Masters degrees, 11,100 are pursuing Bachelors degrees and 3,000 students are enrolled in Short Term Exchange Programmes across China.


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