People Are Accusing Beaconhouse School System Of Treason Against Pakistan


Students and Parents Are Accusing Beaconhouse School System Of Treason

The hashtag #BoycottBeaconHouse has been trending all over Twitter as students and parents are forwarding a very concerning news regarding the syllabus followed by Beaconhouse. After a question appeared on an exam, students are accusing the school of treason against Pakistan.

The news is going out of proportion and it is getting very dramatic.

An image of the exam paper was recently leaked on the Internet and since then, supporters of the cause have been stepping up on social media with a number of ‘accounts’ and are proving that the O’level History books have wrongfully presented the history of Pakistan.

Many students or Tweeter users are accusing the school for being ‘Indian-funded’ and are portraying India’s version of our victories and defeats – which is a completely anti-Pakistan sentiment for them.

Apart from this, it seems like the Pakistanis are very invested into this as many Pakistani accounts are using the hashtag and contributed their own opinions on the issue.

From the textbook to the exam paper, everything is pointing out geographical issues in the maps in the history and geography books, and even some texts in the books are making it seem like as if the system itself is sponsored by Indians.

Clearly, the exam paper struck a chord with many and they have widely concerned and letting other people become aware of the issue.

No one knows what the situation will lead to, however, one thing is for sure that these students are not going to let this off easily.

However, the boycott movement has yet to be acknowledged or addressed by the school or the government itself, so it seems like we will just have to wait to see what happens or if any changes in this scenario.

What do you think about these hashtags?


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