PITB Digitized Curriculum for Grade Four and Five


Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas announced that the curriculum for grade four and five has been digitized by PITB.

The education minister Murad Raas said that the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has taken a great step by digitizing the curriculum for grade four and five.

Education Minister said that from now on students of grade four and five will be given access to digital books. Moreover, the software will be developed to determine the number of teachers and students.
He further added that major changes are being introduced in the new curriculum. He also emphasized that mass level of awareness is required for e-learning.

A marketing team will be constituted to digitize the curriculum from grade six to grade ten. The e-learning system needs to be user-friendly, he stated.

PITB Chairman Habib ur Rehman said that the education board will also introduce software for the education department for storing their HR data.

Training sessions will be conducted to educate teachers on the e-learning application.

He maintained that the e-learning application contains 670 animations, 3,288 audio lectures, 580 Urdu voice overs, 130 simulations and 260 MCQs.

PITB distributed tablets to over 200 teachers in seven districts across the province in October.  Multimedia classes were also conducted in 856 schools. Around 12,000 teachers were also trained during this educational transformation phase.

Previously during the testing phase, 60 schools from three districts in the province were selected. Out of 60, 30 were provided with a digital screen and a tablet while the other half were not, he explains. Within a year, the result at the schools that were provided a digital advantage improved by 74%.


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