PM Khaqan Abbasi Inaugurated New Curriculum for Schools in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: PM Khaqan Abbasi has inaugurated a new curriculum for schools in the Federal Capital. He said changes were needed in it to progress as a nation and keep up with times.

PM Khaqan Abbasi was the chief guest at the ceremony to launch the curriculum in the federal capital. He said that the curriculum is an important milestone for ending the cramming culture in education. He said this curriculum will create analytical skills in the students and promote their thought process.

PM Abbasi praised the education ministry for implementing the new curriculum in classes 1 to 5 throughout the capital city. He added that in the next phase the curriculum will be improved for the higher classes.

Addressing the ceremony, PM Khaqan Abbasi said that every country needs education to progress. He added that it was time to bring changes to the curriculum to meet the needs of the new times.

While talking about teachers, PM Abbasi said that its important to adequately train teachers. He said that the teachers need to be trained to impart proper education to the students. He added that curricular reforms were needed to improve the quality of the education in the country.

Talking of private education sector he said that they need to work hand in hand with federal government. The premiere said that the government will fulfill its responsibilities but private sector also needs play its role. He said that private sector has and needs to continue playing an important role in progress of education in the country.

He also launched the 100 100 100 plan in the federal capital. The program aims at 100 percent enrollment of students and 100 percent attendance of students along with 100 percent students graduating.


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