Private schools can’t increase tuition fee by more than 5%, SHC


Karachi: Sindh High Court (SHC) barred private schools from increasing tuition fee more than the 5%.

SHC restricted private schools from raising tuition fee over 5%. Justice Ashraf Jehan, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, and Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi heard the case. However, parents submitted application against private schools for raise in fee.

During the hearing, parents’ lawyers elaborated that teachers’ salaries do not even make the 50% of total school expenses. However, the earning of schools should be considered along with expenses.

The lawyer further added that the Article 38 applies on all respondents. In addition, the court also declared private schools as a profit making business.

Additional advocate general contended that an expansion in school charge needs to do with fundamental rights. He said that the ability to expand school expense should lie with provincial government.

SHC announced its judgment proclaiming an expansion of in excess of 5% as illicit. Prior in March, the SHC had additionally proclaimed as unlawful a raise in schools fee.


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