Private schools in Sindh banned from selling uniform, stationery


The Sindh Education and Literacy Department stopped private schools in Sindh from selling high-priced uniform, stationery.

Private schools in Sindh cannot sell uniform, stationery, books, copies, etc. as revealed by Sindh Education Department. According to the recently issued notice to all private schools in Sindh, they can’t make compulsory for parents to buy these things from them. In addition, the notice further elaborates that if any school is found selling these materials at higher prices than what is being sold in the open market, they will be penalized.

On the other side, Sindh Education and Literacy Department had been receiving complaints against private schools for a while. Earlier, parents of private school students had complained that their children’s schools were trying to fleece them with these charges.

Parents had complained that schools are trying to force them to purchase school books and stationery for the entire year from the schools and that too at higher prices. The parents had even appealed to the prime minister and the chief justice of Pakistan to take notice of this situation.


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