Regulatory Authority to be Set up to Monitor Schools Fee

Punjab Minister for School Education Murad Raas indicated that regulatory authority will be established to monitor schools fee of private schools and action will be taken against the schools who fail to implement court’s orders.

Punjab Minister for School Education was addressing a delegation of the Private School Owners Association at the committee room of the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board on Thursday.

Mr. Murad Raas said the Supreme Court�s orders on private schools� fee would be implemented and legal action would also be initiated in case of any non-implementation by the schools.

He said services of account firm would also be hired to�to deal with private schools� fee issue�and financial position of the schools would be examined.

The school education minister also disclosed that government was working speedily on the draft of a regulatory authority for the private schools and the draft would be made public soon.

He said the government was working to transform public schools according to the requirements of the market so that students could have the best educational facilities without being burdened.

Mr. Murad Raas proposed to set up an endowment fund for fee of private schools students and asked the private schools to give their proposals within one week.

Later, the school education minister also held a meeting with delegation of the parents of the children who were studying in private schools and they complained about the incidents of harassment in case of non-payment of fee in some private schools.

He assured the parents for setting up a regulatory authority to monitor schools fee and deal with the reservations of the parents and said that future educational strategy would be given practical shape soon under title of �The new deal for Punjab�.



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