Sexual Harassment at Karachi University: Complaint is fake, KU Admin


Karachi University termed a sexual harassment complaint filed by its students against its faculty members as “fake”, saying the varsity received no “official” complaint from any students alleging sexual harassment against any professors.

Two professors of Karachi University Mass Communication department were accused of sexual harassment in a complaint filed by six students.

The complainants alleged that the teachers in question harassed their students by sending inappropriate messages on WhatsApp.

“They try their best to play mind games with female students to gain favours that have sexual overtones, all with the ever-lurking threat of failing them or putting them short of the attendance list,” the complaint read.

Commenting on the allegations, a university spokesperson acknowledged that the institute had received an application from a student, but the application bore “fake” signatures.

The spokesperson said that the complaint was not filed by the victims, but rather by a “male student who is already facing disciplinary action”.

“The application had no evidence of any WhatsApp message screenshot,” he said, adding that the university reserved the right to take action against “fake” complaints.

Moreover, the spokesperson added that they will summon a meeting against the student who filed the fake complaint.


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