Sindh Cabinet Approved Development of New Universities in Sindh


Karachi: The Sindh Cabinet approved the development of two new universities in Sindh. Universities will be developed at Sukkur and Shikarpur. Name of new universities in Sindh will be Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University and Shaikh Ayaz University respectively. In addition, new youth and agricultural policies were also approved.

The Bureau additionally chose upgradation of Shikarpur Campus of Shah Abdul Latif University as undeniable college. The new college has been named after the name of Shaikh Ayaz, a famous artist, and educationist from Shikarpur. The bureau affirmed the draft of Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur Act, 2018 and alluded to the Sindh Assembly for advance endorsement.

The bureau likewise endorsed to set up Begum Nusrat Bhutto Women University draft Bill, 2018. The college is being built up for Rs2710.6 million at Sukkur. The land for the college has been given close Arts Council, Sukkur, and its compound divider has been developed.

The development work is in advance and its bad habit chancellor, Ms. Parveen Munshi has been designated to take care of the foundation work. The endorsed draft charge has alluded to Sindh Assembly.

Agricultural Policies

Agricultural policy was also discussed in the cabinet. It is supplemented by a progression of foundation thinks about in the zones of macroeconomic variables, climate change, nutrition, poverty & gender, value change enhancement, nutrition, etc.


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