Students Injured As They Protest Against Fee Hike At Peshawar University


Students Injured As They Protest Against Fee Hike At Peshawar University

More than five students have been injured by baton-charged police officers hit the student protesters, as they were on protest against fee hike at Peshawar University.

Students said that the fee increase for MPhil and PhD is not acceptable as they cannot afford to pay it.

The injured students were shifted to the Khyber Teaching Hospital.

Furthermore, at least 28 protesting students were arrested by the police officials.

Academic activities at the institution came to a stop after the police arrived.

Peaceful protest are the democratic right of students – Bilawal

When giving his opinion on the protesting students, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stated that students have a democratic right to protest peacefully against unfavorable circumstances.

The PPP chairman further asked the government to not ‘seek revenge for its persistent failure from the students.’

“Students of the Peshawar University were protesting for their rights. Strict action should be taken against those who tortured the protesting students,” said Bilawal.

He also demanded the arrested students to be immediately released and a decrease in the fee. The PPP leader further added that the injured students need to be given better medical facilities.

Meanwhile, Peshawar University administration stated that the increase of the fee has been done after 2 years of consistent fee structure. It shouldn’t be a problem for students.

Local police have removed the student protesters and closed the department gates to control the circumstances of the situation.


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