Teacher’s Protest In Front of VC Office Continues in Karachi University


KARACHI: The protest of teachers against the Karachi University’s administration has continued today. The protest outside and inside the Vice Chancellor’s office  has yet to yield results.

The Department of Universities and Boards has yet to address the reservations of the teachers in protest. Additional Chief Secretary of the department who is also the secretary Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC), has ignored this protest. This has also fueled the disappointment of the protesting teachers and staff members of the University.

For the past few months the HEC meeting has not been called due to which it has become an inactive body. The duration of the members of the commission has also exceeded its term. New members have not been selected either due to the commission being inactive.

The Teachers Association of Karachi University has continued the protest into its third day today against the KU administration. The protest was held inside and outside the VC office and the protesters were holding banners for their demands. The protest also included large quantity of officers and staff members of the Karachi University.

During the protest the head of the History Department of the University Dr. S.M. Taha spoke to the people who were protesting. He said that the administration is destroying the University of Karachi and its departments. Firstly the previous director of the University had given separate status to Institute of Business Administration from the University. Now the administration is after separating the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry from the University of Karachi as well.

The Teachers Association President Dr Jameel Kazmi demanded that the government pays dues of the teachers immediately. He said the government needs to announce a bail out package worth Rs 7 billion. He further added that the protests shall carry on unless their demands have been met.


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