A R Rahman Daughter Niqaab: Singer Responded Over Criticism


Times now, the magazine has reported that Oscar winner A R Rahman has responded over the criticism which he received about his daughter’s niqaab.

A R Rahman daughter Khatija, with her covered face, shared the stage with him on the celebration of ten years of the blockbuster movie “Slumdog Millionaire” which gained so much fame for A R Rahman in the field of music.

So many people are commenting about this conservative dressing of A R Rahman daughter and targetting Rahman for forcing his daughter for such dressing.

After all the trolling over the social media, The “Dil Se” composer tweeted a picture with a hashtag caption saying #freedomtochoose. The picture is showing A R Rahman’s two daughters along with mother posing with Nisha Ambani.

Khatija also shared her views and clarified using Facebook as her tool and said that she was not forced by anyone to do so and her veil has nothing to do with her parents.

“The veil has been my choice with complete acceptance and honour. I’m a sane mature adult who knows to make my choices in life,” she said.

Khatija also added that everybody has freedom of choice and people should not jump into judging others before knowing the situation.


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