Faisal Qureshi Says More Time Being Given to Indian Dramas Than Limit


A group of Pakistani actors, inlcuding Faisal Qureshi and Adnan Siddiqui, protested outside Supreme Court to limit airtime of Indian Dramas on Pakistani Channels.

The United Producers Association went to twitter to post that the group had approached the chief justice alleging that local TV channels are dedicating more than the 10% limit of their airtime to foreign content. Faisal Qureshi and other actors also protested in Karachi, outside the Supreme Court voicing their concerns.

As per law, only 10 percent of airtime is allowed for foreign content, while limit for Indian content is 6 percent a day.

In 2016, Pemra, which the media regulatory authority of Pakistan, had announced that strict action would be taken against the channels airing foreign content more than the prescribed limit.

However; the actors in protest said that the channels were not abiding by this law and were giving Indian dramas more air time. The actors asked for Chief Justice of Pakistan to give attention to this matter and take notice of it.

Faisal Qureshi, one of the biggest Pakistani Drama stars was also part of the protest. He said that even though there is a law that states TV channels can run only 10% of foreign content during their airtime, some channels don’t follow this law.

He added that this was a big problem, especially during the prime time. Faisal said that during prime time if Pakistani channels don’t show our local content, it’s a huge loss for the entertainment industry.

He asked why was not the law being implemented properly?

Faisal then said that if he is working in a production, its not just him, the director and producer. He said that a production also has hundreds of staffers, vendors and other crew members. Faisal Qureshi said that if the channels give the slot allotted to their production to Indian dramas, hundreds of people become jobless.


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