Actress Ruby Rose, the Most Dangerous Celebrity to Search Online


Actress Ruby Rose Among the Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search for Online

Ruby Rose – model and actor – is well known for her role in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. The actress was recently named as the most dangerous celebrity to ‘Google’ or search for online.

The statement that was released on Tuesday, said that because of malicious websites carrying harmful viruses, fans should take precautions when searching for their favorite actress.

Cyber-security company McAfee also stated that the reality television star, Kristin Cavallari, came in second place. Apart from the two, actresses Marion Cotillard, Lynda Carter and Rose Byrne were also among the top five celebrities whose name searches can result into fans clicking sketchy links.

The 32-year-old actress was also recently announced to play the role of Batwoman in the upcoming CW television series for the Batman universe. McAfee said that Ruby Rose is the 12th celebrity to be crowned the title of being the most dangerous names online, said McAfee spokesman Gary Davis.

“So, whether you’re looking up what Ruby did on the latest Orange is the New Black episode, or what Kristin Cavallari wore (at) the latest awards show, make sure you’re searching the Internet safely,” Davis added.

Last year’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online was singer Avril Lavigne, who has quietly gone down to No 30 this year, McAfee confirmed. Adele was ranked at No 21, meanwhile followed Shakira is at No 27.

To keep your internet browsing secure, Davis advised users to avoid visiting third-party websites that could contain harmful malware. Users can apply operating system and application updates that may involve security maintenance, invest money in security protection tools and use parental control software.


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