Ajoka Theatre Founder Madeeha Gauhar Passed Away


Islamabad: Madeeha Gauhar, veteran actor, playwright and founder of the Ajoka Theatre Organization, passed away in Lahore due to cancer. According to news sources, Madeeha had contracted cancer three years ago and was battling it since then.

Madeeha founded the Ajoka Theatre, which was her take on doing theatre for change. Her plays which have been based on social issues of today received great reception from people of all classes. She gave special importance to issues such as female literacy, human rights and honour killings across the country. Her organization had staged performances around the globe, with focus on such social issues to bring awareness and change. She even worked on giving the poor locals awareness using her theatre by arranging performances in small open spaces.

Madeeha Gauhar was the first Pakistani to receive the prestigious Prince Claus Award in 2006, given to her by Ambassador of Netherlands. She received this award for her work and leadership of Ajoka Theatre.

Madeeha was married to veteran director Shahid Nadeem and was the elder sister of famous actress Faryal Gauhar.


  1. Madiha Raza was such an amazing person. She was the mother of renowned actress Sawera Nadeem. Great loss to Pakistan and she will definately be missed.


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