Akhshay Kumar Praises Love He Recieves From Pakistan

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar old video has been re-Trending on the twitter and the actor is getting harshly trolled.

The interview video reveals that the actor has appreciated the amount of love he receives from Pakistan for most of his movie. This has made twitter distracted.

Akshay said, Pakistan mein meri filmein sabse zyada business karti hai. Jitna pyar mujhe wahan se milta hai, shayad hi kahin se milta hai(My films do the best business in Pakistan. The amount of love I get from the country, I hardly get that kind of love from anywhere else).

Akshay Kumar talked about the immense love and appreciation he gets from Pakistan.

Some people in India are attacking the ‘Khilari’ for his comments on Pakistan, Pakistani fans and the love he gets from the country. While some of his Indian fans are supporting him.

The account who shared the video has been suspended by Twitter, although the video has been shared by other users as well with their own opinions.

The actor has not taken any notice till now about the situation.


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