Ali Zafar Denies Allegations of Harassment by Meesha Shafi on Twitter


Ali Zafar, the star singer, has denied allegations of sexually harassing Meesha Shafi, after she tweeted about inappropriate behavior by him. Meesha Shafi, one of the country’s most talented musicians and actor had just tweeted out against sexual misconduct that had been done to her by Ali Zafar. She voiced with the hashtag #metoo, which is a movement to voice sexual harassment done to women to come forward and share their experiences. This is so that women can be safe from incidents that they went through and that it is easier to come forward and speak out about such abuse.

Meesha Shafi’s Tweet Against Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi might have just shined light on the happenings in the entertainment industry as hearing of such instances is not uncommon especially amongst fresh entries. Meesha tweeted that this had happened at multiple times and that too when she was an empowered personality. She said it on her twitter yesterday saying that this could not stay silent as her conscious won’t allow it anymore and that she has to speak out about it.

Ali Zafar Responds To Meesha Shafi’s Tweet

However Ali Zafar responded to the allegations, denying them clearly saying that he will not throw accusations around on social media and take this matter as professional and as serious as possible by taking Meesha Shafi to court. He has said that he supports this global movement to empower women on speaking out about the wrong that is being done to them in form of harassment. He even added to the fact that he supports the movement as he has a wife, daughter and a mother to think of when it comes to this. He has said he will take Meesha to court in this matter and that he will take proper channels to address this matter as he has nothing to hide.

Twitter has had divided responses, those against and with Zafar in this matter. Fans of Ali have sided with him calling out to Meesha saying that these are false allegations and she is just seeking publicity. Celebrities however have stayed silent about this matter, only a few have sided with and against Meesha about this recent controversy.


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