Ali Zafar Did Not Yet Send The Legal Notice To Meesha Shafi


According to sources, the popular legal notice claimed to be sent by Ali Zafar is fake. The insider revealed that no notice has been sent yet but, it will be filed and sent today. Earlier, the expected claim amount is Rs. 100 Million which is now believed to be Rs. 1 billion. However, Meesha Shafi nominated Muhammad Ahmad Pansota and Nighat Dad as her legal counsels. She further elaborated that Media should contact them for any update regarding the incident.

A legal notice was circulating on social media that Ali Zafar demanded Rs. 100 Million from Meesha for her sexual harassment allegations. The deletion of tweet and apology were demanded in the apology letter. The notice further elaborated that the failure to do so will result in the legal consequences.

What Happened Yet?

A few days back, Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of the sexual harassment. She said that she was harassed on multiple occasions and now it is impossible for her to remain quiet. Ali denied all allegations and said that he will take this matter to the court. In addition, Ali also faced same allegations from other women. People and celebrities are divided over the issue and the #MeToo trend is gaining popularity on the internet and social media.


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