Anwar Maqsood Apologized On His Controversial Comedy Video


Anwar Maqsood apologized on his controversial racist video. His latest video from Anwarnama series put him under intense criticism. He began web series Anwarnama to highlight different issues in Pakistan. He took Sindh as a subject for his most recent video. In any case, referring to ‘racist overtone’, several people utilized social media to denounce the video. The #AnwarMaqsood trend became popular on the internet.

Reaction on Anwar Maqsood Video

Renowned artist and singer of the viral song “Waderai Ka Beta” showed his concern. He elaborated that he was profoundly insulted by the supremacist video made by Anwar Maqsood and his group. He further added that drama and parody ought to dependably be about a specific attitude, not an ethnicity or group. Calling Sindhis apathetic and degrading them is definitely their insult.

Aside from Ali, vocalist Mooroo additionally referred to the video for instigating generalizations. He said that there is a thin line amongst stereotyping and bigotry for humor. He further added that AnwarMaqsood crossed the line for a considerable length of time.

Things, be that as it may, saw a truly necessary rest when Anwar Maqsood withdrew the video and rather, discharged a self-reproachful video clarifying the entire circumstance. In the video, the author clarified that he himself is Sindhi as he went to the land in 1948 and never left it since. Maqsood likewise clarified that parody isn’t another idea. He further added that it was utilized by Moin Akhtar in the past in his comedic parts. Be that as it may, he was still remorseful over the video.


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