Arab Sheikh won £35mn Bollywood stars meeting case


A Sheikh from the Bahraini royal family won the High court battle related to the Bollywood stars meeting case.

£35mn Bollywood stars meeting case turned in the favor of Arab Sheikh. However, Aishwarya Rai, Ranveer Singh, and Shah Rukh Khan are among some superstars.

Ahmed Adel Abdallah Ahmed, Egyptian businessman, revealed that Sheikh Hamad Isa Ali Al Khalifa, a distant cousin of the King of Bahrain and member of Bahraini royal family exclusively hired his services to arrange meetings with 26 Bollywood film industry stars.

However, at the London High Court, Ahmed Adel Abdallah Ahmed argued during the trial that in January 2016 they had reached the legal agreement, but Sheikh Hamad Isa Ali Al Khalifa denied it. He did not accept that any agreement had been reached. He further added that he thought he had a “genuine bond of friendship” with Ahmed.

On Friday (yesterday), giving judgment, Justice Jacobs dismissed the claim and said that there were several improbabilities and inconsistencies for the case advanced by the Egyptian businessman.

Justice Jacobs said that he rejected Ahmed’s statement of the conversation took place over phone on January 7, 2016. He further added that he rejected his case that there was any agreement on the terms alleged.

During the hearing in November 2018, lawyers of Ahmed revealed that Sheikh Hamad Isa Ali Al Khalifa had the great interest in Bollywood and the high desire to meet Indian film stars.



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