Asim Azhar Revealed Everything About his Relationship with Hania Aamir


The young sensational artist of Pakistan Asim Azhar has finally revealed his relationship details with Hania Aamir.

It happened when Asim Azhar was being asked by a BBC journalist about his friendship with actor Hania Aamir.

“I feel like she’s the kind of person that brings a lot of positivity in my life,” the singer said in an interview with BBC Asian Network.

He was all praises for Hania and revealed that both of them are always laughing and messing around. “It’s nice to have someone be genuinely supporting everything you do,” he said.

Watch the interview clip:

Asim Azhar also said that the only reason he cannot give a definite comment is that he would need Hania’s consent. He clarified that it has nothing to do with social pressure.

Asim Azhar and Hania Aamir are spotted together quite often. Speculations are rife that the two are dating but the couple has yet to make it official.


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