Avengers 4 trailer is released and fans are freaking out


The long awaited trailer of the up coming movie, Avengers 4 is now released.

Avengers Endgame or Avengers 4 trailer is now released. However, the Avengers Infinity War ending did the major heartbreak to several fans. During the movie, Thanos wiped half of the humanity and also vanish some key superheroes into the thin air.

The internet is stormed with several fan theories as to what is going to be happening in the next Avengers installment. Now, the trailer of next installment is released with more setbacks and surprises.

In the trailer, Tony Stark is talking to his suit which has J.A.R.V.I.S. installed on it. Captain Marvel is flying in the sky as the bird-like creature. A scarecrow is also present in the trailer is displayed as the possibly Thanos walking around in what looks like the forest.

Thor’s appearance in the trailer is hopeless and sad as Nebula looks over him. However, only time will tell that is there any possibility of romance between these two. There is a chance that Hawkeye may come back to Avnegers after coming face to face with Natasha. Here is the full trailer:


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