Avengers Infinity War Hype: Predictions of Breaking Box Office Records


Avengers Infinity War has been released 23rd April and is expected to break all box office records. The Marvel Cinematic Universe based Disney movie, third in the Avengers franchise, Infinity War, casts over 20 main marvel characters. The movie will be released on 27th April in Pakistan.

Plot of Avengers Infinity War

The movie features the villain Thanos played by Josh Brolin fighting against the earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers. The Avengers in this movie will feature famous characters of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor along with the other side characters in the movies of the main ones.

In the movie Thanos is shown decimating the powerful heroes with the power of the mystical Infinity Stones that can bend time, space, reality, spirit and minds to his will. The hype created by the trailers so far is more than enough to predict that the movie will be able to break all box office records including the $248 million North American box-office opening set in 2015 by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Huge Difference Between Previous Avengers Movies and Infinity War

The biggest difference between this part of the Avenger franchise and all other MCU movies is that even the cast of the movie itself was not given a full script to avoid spoilers. The cast was even given fake scripts that would show fake deaths of the characters, to avoid spoiling any part of the movie even by mistake.

The cast has not even seen the full and final product and is waiting to see the movie along with the audience to find out about the parts that don’t include their characters. The directors of the movie, Russo Brothers, have worked hard to make sure the movie details do not leak. The whole MCU franchise has connected one movie with the other using cameos and post credit scenes and the sum of all the crossovers, cameos and features is Avengers Infinity War.



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