Priyanka Chopra Might End Up Engaged With Nick Jonas Next Month


Sources close to actress have told Indian news that Priyanka Chopra might end up engaged to Nick Jonas next month.

Sources close to actress have disclosed that there are chances both celebrities will get engaged next month. Both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, however; have yet to disclose anything regarding this rumor.

The American singer Nick Jonas has been spotted with the Bollywood actress Priyanka on many occasions. The singer and the actress both have been seen dating and going out in public together.

However; recently Priyanka even took Nick Jonas to India, after which rumors of their future engagement surfaced. The sources indicate the actress took Nick to India to meet her family and confirm date for engagement.

The singer, once part of the famous Jonas brothers, had asked Priyanka last year to be his date on MET Gala, 2015.

But it seemed like the one time event date had turned into a future relationship as both couples were seen going out together. Making appearances at restaurants, events and locations together, they showed the world they were dating.

An Indian entertainment outlet posted a tweet of the couple’s engagement rumors news. According to the article, the couple is set to be engaged in end of July or start of August.

The Bollywood actress is working in Hollywood in a serial named Quantico in which she is shown to be an FBI agent named Alex Parris.


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