Disney Animated Movie “Incredibles 2” Predicted to Break Records


Long awaited sequel of the animated superhero movie, “Incredibles 2” is predicted to break more records for Disney Studios.

The sequel to Brad Bird’s superhero movie will come after waiting 14 long years and is one of the most anticipated animated films. The animated movie “Incredibles 2” is set to be released world wide on coming Friday.

Experts have predicted the movie to surpass $140 million in the opening weekend. This will be more than the $135 million from Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Dory” back in 2016. Earlier, MCU movies Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther have broke several records for Disney.

Samuel L. Jackson, who plays superhero Frozone in the animated movie said that people have been wanting this movie to happen for a long time. He added that some people who saw the movie 14 years ago have kids now. They are showing their kids the prequel to prep them for Incredibles 2.

In the trailer of the movie, it can be seen that the Helen Parr, Elastigirl is called on for a mission. It is to bring the world’s superheroes who have been into hiding back into the open. But Bob Parr, Mr Incredible is left with taking care of the children who are also super powered.

Daughter Violet, who can turn invisible and son Dash who has super speed are back in the sequel. However; along with them baby Jack-Jack is also discovering his monstrous unpredictable powers.

Even though there has been a 14 year gap between the original and sequel, in the movie itself the sequel starts 5 seconds after the original movie’s story ended.

People who had made it to the premiere of the movie have had positive reviews about it. People have specially liked the fun filled scenes with Parr family baby Jack-Jack.


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