Durj is based on true events of cannibalism in Pakistan, Shamoon Abbasi


Renowned actor Shamoon Abbasi revaled that Durj is solely based on the true incidences of cannibalism in Pakistan.

Durj is based on real incidents of cannibalism in Pakistan as said by Shamoon Abbasi. The debutant director revealed that the story line covers 3 real life incidents.  He said that two events were happened in Punjab. However, the third one was about the crime of 2 brothers who ate corpses after digging about 100 graves.


Shamon Abbasi said that there is no law in the constitution about the cannibalism in Pakistan. He said that in one case, police was also confused and charged two brothers for just ‘stealing from the graves’. However, they were imprisoned for just 2 years and continued their activities after their release.

Shamoon Abbasi shared the second case, in which some cannibals living near graveyard caught by authorities while cooking a body. However, the 3rd one is about the guy in Karachi who digged out graves of young girls to rape them.


In some scenes of Durj trailer, actor and co-producer Sherry Shah also seen visible while romancing in the mountains. Shamoon Abbasi said that they approached for the film to not make it glorifying or flashy, whether it is based on the violence or romantic aspect.


Durj is surely going to attract movie goers in Pakistan due to its gripping story line and some spectacular performances like that of Shamoon Abbasi.

While commenting about the movie, the Waar actor said,

“I know that in the international film community, Durj can go very far. People are curious about this subject because it’s a global phenomenon that’s been around for a long time. Cannibalism has a long history. How people take it in Pakistan depends on how distributors and other elements are going to work with it. We are all set for Netflix release but before that, we want it to be distributed and experienced in cinemas around the world.”


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