Famed ‘Iron Man’ Suit From MCU Movie Stolen From Warehouse


The famed ‘Iron Man’ suit from the 2008 MCU smash hit movie Iron Man stolen. The original suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU movie Iron Man was valued at $325,000.

The famed red and gold Iron Man suit from the first movie of the series was stolen from a prop warehouse. The warehouse said to be in Pacoima, located north of downtown Los Angeles, had the expensive suit in storage.

The theft considered to be very unusual, has the LAPD on high alert on this case. The suit worth $325,000, is one of the most expensive prop in history of movies. Surely any fan would love to get his hand on the suit. But going as far as stealing it from the studio warehouse, you must have to be a real fanatic. The suit would make a really good collection to anyone’s MCU collectibles. But I would not recommend stealing the original prop that is not on sale.

With the new MCU movie, Avengers: Infinity Wars, the MCU has gained yet another mega block buster under its belt. Lets hope there is no need to “assemble” the avengers on this case. Hopefully the detectives will be enough and no heroes will be needed for this one.


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