Gully Girls: Female rapper from Lyari is stunning music lovers


Lyari again came under limelight as the teenage female rapper from the town made Gully Girls popular.

Gully Girls is a rap song by Eva B, a female rapper from Lyari. She also sang it during Aurat March 2019. Journalist Fifi Haroon tweeted about the stunning performance during the #AuratMarch2019.

He then revealed some of Eva’s story, saying that the rapper’s brother does not let her come out and sing so she uses another name to do so.

On the other side, the description on Gully Girls’ Youtube video reads, “She is an amazing rapper and she lives in Lyari. She is not allowed to rap by her family so she operates underground using a pseudonym: Eva_B.” Here is the full song:

The song is Eva B’s own version of the Indian song Apna Time Aayega, of Ranveer Singh movie named Gully Boy.

However, Gully Girls produced in the collaboration with designer Zari Faisal. The song emphasizes about the significance of women empowerment.


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