Harassment Case: LHC rejected Meesha Shafi plea against Ali Zafar


Lahore High Court or LHC rejected the Meesha Shafi plea against Ali Zafar on Friday (today).

A big news came regarding the harassment case as Meesah Shafi plea against Ali Zafar is now rejected. Lahore High Court dismissed the application filed by Meesha. However, it is the third time when her appeal was dismissed by LHC because Shafi was not presented at the designated forum. On contrary, Ali Zafar feels positive and thanked to his fans for love and support during the whole trauma. He showed this in his recent tweet.

Lastly, Shafi has her own excuses and comments regarded not presented on the forum. She is still stuck on her demanded to file her complaint against Ali Zafar on harassment case. However, Ali Zafar frequently denial, in short both the parties had not taking step back and stuck at their accusations towards each other.


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