Hira Mani believes that men are smarter than women


Renowned TV actress Hira Mani believes that men are much smart than women.

Hira Mani said on a private TV channel that she thinks they should listen to the men as they are smarter than women. It happened when the actress made series of wrong guesses during a game show as her luck did not support her at that time. Referring to her fellow contestant, after she failed to guess correctly, Hira said: “I think we should listen to the men. They are smarter than us. I think we should go with his decision,” adding, “a woman can sometimes make bad decisions.”

Taking no time to intercept, the host of the show immediately came in support of the women and said: “That is not the case. Our country’s women are smarter than men,” adding: “My wife has always made the best decisions.”

A few moments later, another female contestant achieved her task successfully and responded as saying  : “See, women are smart.”


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