Ho Kar Judaa: Painter-turned singer Arif Hayat releases new song


The social media famed painter-turned singer Arif Hayat released a new song named Ho Kar Judaa in collaboration with the UK based firm.

In 2018, Arif Hayat became popular when his singing video went viral on the social media. Now, his new single Ho Kar Judaa is also released. The video highlights Arif, showing he possesses the talent and ability to turn into the sentiment of singing. Asif Samrat and Tahir Abas are the composers while Sofiya Nasir is the producer.

Last year, when Arif’s video went viral, singer Aima Baig invited him to open her musical show on August 14.

On the other side, Indian Singer Sonu Nigam also praised him for his marvelous singing talent. He said that the little music education is needed and Arif Hayat will become someone whom people will vouch for. However, here is a video that made him a star.


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