Irfan Khan’s Worsening Health Related Rumors False


Irfan Khan’s Spokesperson has just taken it to media to dissipate false rumor spreading around social media about actor’s worsening health. The Bollywood star Irfan Khan who is famous worldwide for his work in the Hollywood movie, Life of Pi, had just announced last month about contracting a rare disease on his official social media account. Irfan Khan tweeted that he has a form of cancer disease called neuroendocrine tumour. However lately on social media there was false news spreading about his health, that he is battling last stage of cancer and has only one month left to live.

Irfan Khan Spokesperson Rejects False Rumors

Irfan Khan’s Spokesperson took it to media to tell people to not blindly follow rumors about anything over a status update on social media. He urged fans and people to desist from accepting anything as news that they read over status on any social media sites and that the rumors about him having only one month to live are false. The Spokesperson requested not to take health updates from social media updates, Irfan’s wife recently posted that his husband is taking this news and his treatment like “a warrior”. Bollywood producer and wife of Irfan Khan Sutapa Sikdar said that her partner is a ‘warrior’. He is fighting every obstacle with tremendous grace. I want all of you to know I am truly indebted for the wishes, prayers and concern from all over the world.


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