Kangana Ranaut Just Revealed Why She is Not On Social Media


Actress Kangana Ranaut has revealed why she prefers to opt out from being on social media. She said that because it is very ‘consuming’.

Kangana, 31, while speaking at a television show had said that she is not on social media for many reasons and one of them is that it’s so consuming.

The star also said that she will not create and account and let someone elsehandle it on her behalf, as it would mean she is being dishonest with her fans.

She added that sometimes her agents ask her to just open an account and not post or let them post, but that’s not okay with her. Kangana Ranaut said that is because she has not done anything in her life where she herself is not involved.

Kangana’s sister and manager Rangoli Chandel posts updates on her life, films and appearances through her social media accounts.


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