Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Won Top SAG Awards


Marvel’s Black Panther movie has successfully won top Star Actor’s Guild awards which have increased their chances of winning the Oscars.

Black Panther Movie has already been praised for its predominant cast and celebration of African Black culture.

Hollywood’s largest actors union, are closely watched because actors from the largest voting group in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are headed to the Oscars next month.

Black Panther movie has clearly already done a great deal for the culture. And audiences have moved on to other adventurers for the summer, from its Marvel brethren in Avengers: Infinity War to the animated superheroes of Incredibles 2 to Tom Cruise hanging off a helicopter in Mission: Impossible–Fallout.

But T’Challa may need to slide on his sleek suit for one more important rescue: Black Panther may have to save the Oscars.

In an era when the awards show has lost audience, relevance, and its place as a communal cultural moment, Coogler’s comic-book movie delivered on all three, and did so with a level of style and craft that rose above its peers in the genre.

Black Panther movie doesn’t need the Oscars to have its place in history cemented, but the Oscars may need Black Panther.

So, it is clear that the Black Panther movie Oscar-winning chances have increased due to the winning of SAG awards.


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