Mawra Hocane and Uzair Jaswal Graduated from University of London


Mawra Hocane and Uzair Jaswal just made a trip to London to attend their graduation.

The two attended their convocation ceremony of University of London and took to Instagram to share the news.

The JPNA 2 actress Mawra Hocane also thanked her parents for supporting her through it all.

She adds, “Mama I hope you know that you’re my inspiration & my strength, you’ve pushed me to achieve more & more in life. You’re the backbone of our family! We are who we are because of your vision & persistence. I can never put to words how you have selflessly nurtured & loved all of us! Love you!”

Umair Jaswal’s Success:

Mawra got her LLB while Uzair Jaswal got a Bachelors in International Relations. And Uzair is just as happy about his achievement.

Celebrities, including Mahira Khan and Mawra’s sister Urwa, congratulated her on her graduation.


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